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Farmacia Del Cambio is housed in the premises of the historic Farmacia Bestente, founded in 1833, and offers a refined gourmet take-away service with an eco-sustainable approach. Boutique/Workshop of the taste, Farmacia Del Cambio offers, as chic take-away proposals, delicate pastry signed exclusively by Fabrizio Galla along with Del Cambio products reinterpreted by Matteo Baronetto. Informal, fast and modern: among its wood panelling, in a pleasant environment, you can find many products, sweet and savoury, prêt-à-manger or take-away.

Pastry and Delicatessen

Cream Puffs, Chocolate, Bread Sticks, Bonèt (typical chocolate pudding from Piedmont), Cheesecake, Gnocchi, Fruit Tarts, Salmon, Pate, Jessica Cake, Millefeuille, vegetable Chips, Sandwiches, Hazelnut Cakes, Croissants, Olive Sticks, baguettes, savoury Doughnuts, Almond and Orange Rolls, Brownies, Muffins, Snacks, Tagliatelle, Cappelletti (filled pasta), Meat Sauce, Rice Pastry, Genevan Candies, Dragée Sweets, Pave,Agnolotti (filled pasta), Lasagne, Biscuits, Mini-cakes, Country Bread and much more.


Breakfast is perhaps one of the most intimate moments of the day. At the Farmacia Del Cambio it is interpreted as a perfect combination of coffee, freshly baked products, bakery, various cakes and tarts, exclusive creations by Chef Fabrizio Galla, fruit juices and centrifuged juices.


Farmacia Del Cambio, boutique/taste workshop prêt-a-manger, offers, in the splendid setting of the Farmacia Bestente, a lunch that is well suited to the needs of today’s life. A gourmet takeaway, with exclusive products made under the artistic direction of Chef Matteo Baronetto, to be taken away or to be consumed on the spot. High quality ingredients, seasonal products and preparations for a fast and practical experience but at the same time tasty, balanced and never taken for granted.


As Panzini defines in his “Modern Dictionary”, the aperitif, deriving from the French “apéritif”: serves to dilate pores and fluidize humours”. In the evening, Farmacia Del Cambio, a wonderful taste workshop, opens at the most convivial time of the day, turning into the perfect place, in the centre of Turin, to enjoy cocktails or a good glass of wine and a good chat combined with miniature gourmet creations, signed by Matteo Baronetto.